Please consider volunteering your time and joining a committee. It is the involvement of parents like you that makes us a strong organization, and makes us better able to serve the students of Weber – your children – and enrich their educational experience. If you have any questions, please contact the Weber HSA Co-Presidents and/or the following Committee Chairs:


Committee Chairs for 2017-2018



Apparel Jessica Rapaccuiolo 646-641-4007
Bookfair Adrienne Kane
Cheryl Goldfarb
Community Outreach  Stephanie Silverstein
Alysa Mendelson-
Cultural Arts Jen Schupak
Cindy Moroney
8th Grade Promotion Party Penelope Madry 516-767-0799
Nutrition Cynthia Cubides
Roopali Gupta
Picture Day Adrienne Kane 516-767-2682
Safety and Substance Abuse Task Force Jane Abrahams
Matthew Dash
School Budget Vote Coordinator Yasmeen Pattie 516-767-2942
Six Mix Dances Christina Byers 516-767-0641
Staff Appreciation Luncheon Susan Edelblum
AnnMarie Bullaro
Student Directory Denise DePalma 767-1247
Website Sona Hyde 516-708-1894
Box Tops JeanMarie Livigni 917-681-3096

Nicoletta Gargas
Xenia Theodoropoulos
Ronit Daniel
Natasha Dhillon
Yuri Weber
Miseon Kim
James Chu
Cynthia Cubides
Lisa Ramos
Laura Baecher
Adriana Garcia


917 327 7579
917 969 1195
516 713 3409
646 895 2307
917 620 7888
Teacher Representatives Maria Convey
Guillermina Garcia
Ann Marie Hall
Susan McAuliffe
Helen Hsie
Parent Members of the Weber Compact Committee Valerie Taylor
Dawn Epp
JeanMarie Livigni
AGATE Weber Representatives Karen Wachtel
Bin Laurence
SEPTA Weber Representatives Eleni Sfiroudis  516-767-9548
Parents’ Council Weber Representatives Jennifer Mannion
Athletics/ AAPW Weber Representatives Debbie Radinsky
Natasha Kittle
516 567 1982
646 765 8274
Landmark/PIT Weber Representatives Shelly Persaud 767-0195
Diversity Committee Cindy Moroney 516-883-0366


8th Grade Promotion Party – The HSA organizes a party for all 8th graders at the end of the school year. This event is held on the Tuesday before promotion.

AGATE Representatives – Volunteers represent Weber at all AGATE meetings and report back to the membership.

Apparel – Responsible for designing, ordering and selling Weber apparel at events such as open house, concerts, etc.

Arts Liaisons – Volunteers assist the teachers of the Weber Arts /Music programs on various in-school projects.

Be-YOU-Tification of Weber – Volunteers serve on a Staff-Parent committee that exhibits artwork in Weber

Book Fair – HSA volunteers organize and staff a 5-day book fair. The Book Fair week is in January.

Box Tops for Education – Responsible for collecting Box Tops for Education, submitting them to the appropriate company and obtaining the funds owed to the HSA. Box Tops are submitted several times a year.

Club Liaisons – Volunteers act as a liaison between the teachers of the various Weber clubs and the parents.

Community Outreach – Volunteers support the community-based programs including the Coat Drive, Holiday Drive and Spring Clothing Drive. The Chair attends district meetings throughout the year and reports to the HSA.

Cultural Arts – The HSA organizes and provides funding for cultural arts performances. Committee members research and arrange for three grade level specific performances. The Chairs of this committee represent Weber in monthly district-wide meetings.

Parent Council Representatives – Volunteers represent Weber at all Parent Council meetings and report back to membership.
Picture Day – Parent volunteers assist Weber Yearbook adviser. Pictures are scheduled in the Fall.

Port Washington Youth Council Teen Center Representatives – The Port Washington Youth Council Teen Center (called the “PiT”) was founded with the goal of improving the quality of life for young people in grades 6 – 12 who reside in Port Washington. Volunteers attend monthly PIT meetings at the Landmark and report back to membership. Nutrition – Volunteers represent and attend all district-wide monthly meetings and report back to the membership. Organize several “sample day” in collaboration with the district.

Safety & Substance Abuse Task Force – Volunteers represent Weber at all monthly district-wide meetings and report back to the membership.

SEPTA Representatives – Volunteers represent Weber at all SEPTA meetings and report back to the membership.

School Budget Vote – Volunteers assist the ‘get out the vote’ effort through distribution of fliers/making phone calls. April/May time commitment

Six Mix – Committee coordinates and supervises one evening dance for all our Weber 6th graders. The event is scheduled in the Fall.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon – Volunteers organize and donate items for a luncheon in honor of the Weber Staff. Add month or date it will be held

Translation – Volunteers assist in translations as needed.

Vikings Sports Foundation/Athletics – Volunteers represent Weber at monthly VSF meetings and report back to the membership. Meetings every first Monday of the month, 7:30pm, Cafeteria.

Weber Social – Fundraiser for adults at a local restaurant or club. This is the primary fundraiser for the Weber Home & School Association. Funds from this event go directly toward extra educational enrichment programs, student scholarships, cultural art assemblies and instructional technology equipment to enhance the experience of all weber students.

Website – – The HSA maintains its own website which is regularly updated with the latest Weber HSA and Weber news and important information.

The Diversity Committee – The Diversity Committee introduces programs intended to educate our multicultural community about our diversity and to facilitate an appreciation of the differences that make us unique while ensuring that everyone feels appreciated and welcome. The Committee, is a subcommittee of the BOE. The committee meets every four to five weeks on Fridays from 12:15-1:15 in the Daly Annex.